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Our Work Serving Cancer Patients and Families

Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was created because of a personal cancer experience. Having realized a need in the community for additional support on behalf of cancer patients and families, this organization was founded in December 2008. We are comprised of volunteers and Board Members who are passionate about assisting others in our community.

Our mission is to journey hand-in-hand with those are afflicted by cancer by connecting individuals and their families to vital resources, providing hands-on support, and creating programs that meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families in our community. We believe it is important to take care of the whole person, and envision cancer patients and their families receiving readily available support and resources that go beyond fighting the disease itself—aid that focuses on taking care of the hearts and minds of those individuals impacted by cancer. We serve all cancers and all ages; our youngest patient was 6 months old.

Since forming in December 2008, we have helped thousands of people through their cancer journey. We continue to research the unmet needs of cancer patients and their families in our community and strive to create the additional programs that fulfill those needs.  We do not compete with any programs already in place; instead we partner with local businesses and other community organizations in order to ensure that all of those affected by cancer are served.  We have created 12 new programs that are unique to our organization and its mission, as well as published 3 children’s books to raise awareness and educate young people about cancer in an age appropriate way that is not frightening.

We have been widely recognized for our collaborative projects, including international recognition in 2014 by the International Reading Association for our published children’s books and local collaboration with the TACIRA to help students learn while helping cancer patients in our community. In 2013, we were recognized with a Prism Award as a young organization making an impact on our community. We were named a 2014 and 2016 Great Nonprofit and our founder and president, Jean Schoen, is a 2015 Jefferson Award Finalist. These recognitions bolster us in our work and encourage us to continue making a difference in our local community and beyond.

If Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio can support you, a family member or friend in need of support through a cancer journey, please contact us.

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