Physical Programs

Meeting Physical Needs and Easing Stress

Much of our programming is aimed at meeting the physical needs of our cancer patients, from very young children through adult age. We hope these programs will ease the physical stressors, such as the burden of medical bills or the suffering caused by the side effects associated with chemotherapy, on patients and their families.

  • Holistic Medicine
    At Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc., we use non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical Complementary Holistic Medicine techniques, which are intended to complement your ongoing medical treatments, such as chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy and surgery. Our techniques include oncology relaxation for pediatrics through adult, energy work, gentle scar mobilization, and spiritual ministry. This program, led by our Program Director Jennifer Balogh LMT, NDOM, is available for free for anyone actively going through cancer treatments and is available to the general public and cancer survivors for a reasonable donation.For a complete listing and description of all Holistic Medicine services available, please visit the Holistic Medicine page.
  • Financial Services
    For many, the burden of medical bills can be one of the greatest sources of stress during cancer treatment or following surgery. Cancer patients and their families can receive consultation and assistance with medical bills.
  • Therapy Dog
    A therapy dog, which is a dog that has been trained to provide affection and comfort, can be a very strong source of healing to those undergoing cancer treatments. Patients can receive visits from Porschia, a certified and trained Australian Labradoodle.

For more information or details for signing up for any of these programs, please contact us.

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