Team Members

Our Team of Caring Individuals

Our team members care deeply about their work and are passionate about working closely with those on their cancer journey. When you reach out to Cancer Connection, these individuals will become close connections and resources to you and your family.

Lori LaVoy-Lindecker

Executive Director

I was introduced to CCNWO in 2010 when I volunteered at an event that involved making their cancer patients feel seen and beautiful. I fell in love with the mission, vision and founder of CCNWO immediately. Since that meeting, I have personally been involved as an advocate with many family members and friends diagnosed with cancer. Being a natural networker, connecting these people to resources to help make life full of hope again. A huge proponent of education and passionate about personal growth as a Lifecoach, I felt CCNWO was the perfect fit in my life. Being a servant leader and believing every moment of life should be lived out loud in your own personal way, I am passionate about helping people get there. I believe deeply in family, friends and especially laughter. I yearn to understand people more and have a heart to see them thrive in every way. I remain steadfast in my commitment to helping people thrive through advocacy, education and networking with resources. In my free time you can find me having fun with family and friends, farming, reading to deepen my faith or happily being outside in any Michigan weather.


Jen Balogh LMT, NDOM

Case Management/ Patient Advocate                                                     

I have worked in Oncology for over 19 years with my background in Integrative/Holistic Medicine. I have been with Cancer Connection of NWO for 12 years helping to build a strong foundation of compassion, knowledge and advocacy for pediatric-adult cancer patients and their families. I take to heart the responsibility for each patient’s unique case and what they need to move forward through their cancer experience. I attend Oncology Physician appointments as needed as an Advocate, offering one-on-one support and guidance through oncology related issues.


Tracy Murray

Information/Technology Coordinator

I have been in treatment for Stage IV Cervical Cancer since 2011.  After all of these years of interacting with support agencies as a patient I came into Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio to see if there were any opportunities for me to help out others.  I try to add support in the office with technology to make it possible for others to concentrate on helping the patients.  I am also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor and try to offer any information I can to others looking to improve their health through diet.


Adrienne LaVoy

Office Manager 

As a young employee, I bring a fresh set of eyes to CCNWO. I am a hard worker that appreciates the value of helping others and am very excited to continue helping others through my work at CCNWO. I bring office manager experience and lessons learned through many years of volunteer work and previous jobs. I am so happy to be working in Toledo as I’m an alumna of St. Ursula Academy. I’m extremely excited and appreciative of being a part of CCNWO.


Nabaa Ali

Oncology Navigator

Through Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, I have had the pleasure of serving as an Oncology Navigator at the Dana Cancer Center. In my role I have helped many high-risk and other patients obtain much needed resources in a time where they need help the most. My role also allowed me to serve as a part of the support system of many patients by attending their appointments, regularly checking in on them, hosting advanced cancer support groups, among many other opportunities which allowed me to grow as a person while making an impact on those affected by cancer. I am honored to work with the incredibly hard-working and passionate team at Cancer Connection who strive every day to make a difference in every cancer patient’s life.