Our Donors

Hear from Supporters of Cancer Connection

We are fortunate to our donors for their commitment to volunteering their time or offering financial support to sustain the programs and services offered by Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc.

Donor: “This is an incredible organization with incredible people. The work that they do and all that they have accomplished is astounding! I am proud to support such an organization.”

Kathy Lopez: “I am a mentor for those going through cancer. I went to get help from Cancer Connection back in 2010 and instead I became a volunteer. This non-profit organization is the best resource place for those going through cancer, and Jean, the founder, is awesome – much praise to her for all the hours she serves others in their needs. Thank you Cancer Connection for allowing me to be a part of your agency.”

Donor: ” I am excited to see the community is becoming more aware of  the CCNWO programs and are contacting them as soon as they are diagnosed with cancer. “

Donor: ” I love volunteering with Cancer Connection of NWO. They help so many people which means that I am also helping. It is an honor to be a part of their team!!! “

Donor: ” My love for this organization is beyond words. I volunteered there as part of my externship with Davis College. On my first day it was my job to call clients and just simply ask if they needed anything from the organization. I started with the A’s and person after person said nope they didn’t need anything but I am so thankful that you call. They said just the phone call made them feel safe. Then I was all the way to the N’s and a very sickly voice said they just received a letter from the bank and they were going to foreclose on her home. Jean Schoen, owner of CCNWO, stepped in. Beyond my knowledge there was assistance to help save the woman’s home. I just love the work CCNWO does!!!! They have become more like family to me. “


If you are interested in supporting the work of Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc., learn how you can make a donation, give your time as a volunteer, or a host a fundraiser.

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