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Hear from Families Served by Cancer Connection

Since forming in 2008, Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc., has worked with thousands of cancer patients and their families across Greater Toledo. Each experience of working with a patient and his or her family is unique. We work hard to meet every need and challenge with personalized care and programming.

Patient and Client Served: “When I was diagnosed with cancer, my heart was filled with confusion and fear. Fortunately, I received tremendous support from my loving family and friends, but still, many questions filled my mind. Cancer Connection provides both support and direction. From a simple phone call to check how you are doing (sometimes the simple things mean the most) or accompanying you to a doctor’s appointment, to connecting you to whatever resources will best alleviate your questions and fears, Cancer Connection is there for you. Thanks Cancer Connection!”

Cari Jennings, Board Member: “Jean carijenningsdaughterand her team were an instrumental part of our journey when my 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Jean literally came to the hospital for our first visit. She was a wealth of information at a time when I could only concentrate on my daughter. She guided us financially and helped to make us aware of many programs out there for cancer patients. My daughter enjoyed the massages, energy work and many other services offered and recommended by Cancer Connection. Jean has become a good friend through all of this and I recently joined the board due to the great things happening at Cancer Connection. I would recommend them to anyone diagnosed with cancer or who has a friend or family member with cancer.”

Patient and Client Served: “Approximately 2 years ago, my life, and the life of my husband and young child, turned upside down when we discovered my brain cancer. We had no idea how to handle any of our new struggles. Cancer Connection gave us so much assistance to figure out how to move forward and begin to build our new lives. We were, and still are, so incredibly fortunate to have Cancer Connection in our lives.”

Patient and Client Served: “I became a client of Cancer Connection a little over 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with non-invasive DCIS. Jean not only gave me hope, she sent me in the right direction for help as I was unemployed, attending college, and uninsured. Words or text cannot express how genuinely helpful and compassionate Jean and her crew were to me during my treatment. I am forever grateful for all they did for me and would recommend their services to anyone with a cancer diagnosis.”

Patient and Client Served: ” I appreciate you so much!!! Thanks for everything.”

Patient and Client Served: ” Cancer Connection of NW Ohio is the only organization that we found to help our daughter when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. The support they provided to our entire family along with the programs for her specifically was incredible. Great group of people.”

Patient and Client Served: ” Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio has helped my family so much!!! They have been there for us by calling us weekly, attending doctor appointments, giving us resources, help with bills and much more. We cannot thank you all enough!!!! “

Patient and Client Served: ” This organization is the only one in our community that is serving children with cancer. They have been a GODSEND to my family!!! “

Patient and Client Served: ” I never dreamed that my family would need these types of services but after hearing the diagnosis of cancer, we knew we could not do this alone. Thank you for being with us and providing the support that we could not get from any other organization. We are forever grateful!!!!

Patient and Client Served: ” CCNWO helps with bills, gives me FREE massages and goes to doctor appointments with us. I don’t know how we would manage this without them. “

Patient and Client Served: ” I think that there should be more of these organizations in every city across the nation. It has been my experience that CCNWO has assisted and mentored many cancer patients and their families throughout the Toledo community for 8 years. I have seen families helped financially, spiritually, and mentally throughout their cancer journey. I have been a recipient of their services and count it a blessing to pass it on. “

Patient and Client Served: ” After speaking with CCNWO, I knew I would be taken care of and guided in the right direction. They help me to find a place to stay during my radiation treatments. I cannot stress enough how truly grateful I am for their generosity and kindness. “

If we can provide support to you or your family, please reach out to us soon.

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